JIBM Editor's Message

The Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM) of the Riphah International University, Islamabad is HEC recognised Journal in Y category.  It’s the only double blind peer reviewed recognised Journal on economics, banking, finance, business, management, all in Islamic perspective, in the South Asian countries and the MENA region1. The JIBM is striving to develop a culture of original research, critical thinking and analyzing and discussing the issues—all in a bid to add value to the emerging disciplines of Islamic economics, management and finance, making them increasingly beneficial for the mankind. To realize the objective, JIBM is committed to uphold the Divine values and the principles of Islamic law- both for market and beyond the market segments, pertaining to the allied areas with the objective to promote cooperation among, and justice, equity and fair treatment with all stakeholders. We are making humble efforts to further improve the JIBM/s quality and for this we need continued support from the academicians / researchers and Islamic business and finance practitioners. We welcome them to contribute research papers on economics, business and finance or systemic case studies of banking and Islamic financial markets for the JIBM.

I hope that commitment and the best possible efforts for R & D for the JIBM and application of the Islamic system of mutual cooperation, finance, businesses and management would go a long way in developing the allied systems for benefit of the societies and the economies. May Allah SWT give us the strength and the ability to serve His Deen, and, in turn, the humanity (Aameen).