The Impact of HR Practices on Employees’ Performance: An Imperative Role of Islamic Work Ethics.

Abdul Qayyum, Nazish Zahid, Raja Ahmed Jamil
Published Online: December 2019

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of HR practices on employees’ performance with moderating role of Islamic work ethics. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed and data of 307 employees were collected from telecom sector of Pakistan. Findings reveal that performance appraisal and employee’s empowerment positively predict employees’ performance, while the relationship with regard to training could not be established as was expected. Islamic work ethics moderate the relationship between HR practices (performance appraisal and empowerment) and employees’ performance. This study is useful since it provides insights into how Islamic work ethics significantly improve the performance of employees within an organization when coupled with key HR practices.


Performance appraisal, training, empowerment, Islamic work ethics, employees’ performance.