Iranian Customers’ Understanding towards Ḥalāl Logo and Islamic Brands.

Yasaman Giyahi and Vahid Khashei Varnamkhasti
Published Online: December 2019

The purpose of this paper is to introduce ḥalāl logo as a new marketing paradigm, which marketers use as a means of distinguishing their products and services in the competitive environment. This research aims to show the importance of education and training in the area of ḥalāl and encouraging scientific societies as well as industry players for further research on the subject. We examine whether customers look for the ḥalāl logo when purchasing products and services or whether know about the owner of the logo. We also study the dimensions on which these products and services are considered as ḥalāl. The study employs applied research and survey technique on a sample of 385 respondents who had the experience of traveling to a foreign country, using random selection and conducting structural equations modeling. The findings show that awareness about ḥalāl, level of commitment to religious rituals, marketing concept, ḥalāl certification and the true meaning of ḥalāl are considerable factors affecting the Iranian customers' understanding towards ḥalāl logo and Islamic brands. Iranian customers are not sufficiently exposed to ḥalāl logo and ḥalāl brands through marketing communications, while to enhance ḥalāl product and services, it is necessary to make increased use of marketing and branding strategies. This research provides a model that marketers need to consider when presenting their products as an Islamic brand, as it shows the dimensions of understanding and awareness of Iranian customers towards ḥalāl. Evidently, it requires cooperation among Islamic cooperation organization (an authority in issuing ḥalāl logo on brands in Iran), standard organization, and brand owners.


Islamic marketing, Ḥalāl brand, Islamic brand, Ḥalāl certification.