Islamic Bankers to have the Prior Right to Justice and Fair Treatment

Muhammad Ayub
Published Online: June 2019

Islamic banking that has evolved for justice and fair treatment with all stakeholders has noticeably developed in Pakistan since its re-launch in 2002. In this perspective, employees and the general staff of Islamic banks have the prior right to be treated fairly and justly. JIBM editorial this time is focusing on whether the Islamic banks are performing this function or not. Using the Exploratory research method, the study finds that Islamic bankers at the lower and the middle levels are being increasingly exploited by the banks. Banks working under the capitalistic paradigm, it is the case of all countries with abundance of available HR that employees are forced to accept the ‘Submission Contracts’ (Gamal al Banna, 1981). It discusses the imperatives of socio-economic justice, Islamic banks’ profits, return paid to depositors, employees’ packages and the nature of treatment of the banks’ management with employees. Finally, some recommendations have been given for IBIs’ management teams, the regulator, and the State.


Islamic bankers plight, employment security, “the Drucker principle”, Pakistan. .