Ease of use and Awareness to use as a predictor of Confidence in E-Banking leading to Adoption of E-Banking: The case of Islamic Banks in Pakistan

Iram Naz, Mubashar Hassan Zia, Ammara Riaz Chohan, Masood Hassan
Published Online: June 2019

In E-banking the customers’ role is critical and important. Their inclination towards e-banking is of high importance to the banks as well. This study explored the behaviour of individual customers for their adoption of e-banking considering ease of use and awareness provided by the Islamic banks in Pakistan. Data was collected from 300 individuals. Process by Hayes (2012) was used for analysis. Results show that mediating role of confidence on e-banking between the relationship of ease of use and adoption of e-banking is significant. Variable of confidence on e-banking mediates the relationship between dependent and independent variable. The second mediating role of confidence in e-banking mediates the relationship between relationship of awareness to use and adoption of e-banking. This study has critical implications for the Islamic banks in Pakistan that they need to facilitate and create awareness among customers to go for adoption of e-banking which will not only be convenient for customers but would be resource saving for the banks.


E-banking, Islamic banks, Pakistan, Perceived ease to use, awareness to use, financial inclusion digital economy. .