Religion can Change Intentions: Interactive Effect of Abusive Supervision and Islamic Work Ethics on Workplace Gossip

Syed Danial Hashmi, Khurram Khan, Ikram Ullah, Saqib Gulzar, Ali Haider
Published Online: June 2019

Gossip at workplace can has serious implications for any organization. Knowing the reasons for existence of gossip can help in better management of gossip at workplace. This study examines the impact of abusive supervision on workplace gossip where gossip is divided into job related and non-job related gossip. Further, this study examines the moderating role of religion-driven work ethics i.e. Islamic work ethics on abusive supervision-workplace gossip relationship. Using convenience sampling technique, 144 individuals working in service sector of Pakistan were surveyed on adopted scales. Statistical techniques applied were correlation and moderated regression analysis. Results of the study show that abusive supervision is negatively related with both job and non-job related gossip. Further, it was found that Islamic work ethics moderate relationship of abusive supervision and job related gossip. We propose that managers may arrange special training sessions in organizations to enhance Islamic work ethics at workplace and minimize abusive supervision as both have important contributions towards lessening gossip at workplace.


Abusive supervision, job related gossip, non-job related gossip, Islamic work ethics, Pakistan. .