Relationship between Work-Family and Interpersonal Conflicts: Mediating Role of Psychological Distress and the Moderating Effect of Islamic Work Ethics

Abdul Qayyum, Sadia Kousar, Raja Ahmed Jamil & Muhammad Sarmad
Published Online: December 2018

This study has been carried out to examine the association between work family conflict, psychological distress and interpersonal conflict with moderating role of Islamic work ethics. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed and data of 262 medical practitioners were collected for this study. CFA and SEM techniques have been used to analyze the data. The results show that work family conflict has a positive effect on psychological distress and interpersonal conflict. The study finds that presence of Islamic work ethic plays a moderating role by weakening the relationship between psychological distress and interpersonal conflict. Results also show that psychological distress mediates the relationship between work family conflict and interpersonal conflict.


Islamic work ethics (IWE), Work family conflict, Interpersonal conflict, Psychological distress.