Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethics and Mediating Role of Organizational Identification on Leader-Member Exchange and Citizenship Behavior Relationship: A Test of Moderated Mediation Model

Sajjad Hussain, Khurram Shahzad, Khurram Khan, Ifzal Ahmad
Published Online: June 2018

The present study aims to investigate the indirect relationship of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and followers’ citizenship behavior through Organizational Identification (OI) for the first time using Social Identity Theory (STI), and to widen the scope of research by explaining differences in LMX-citizenship behavior relationship through OI arising from a moderating role of Islamic Work Ethics (IWE). The questionnaire comprising supervisor and subordinate-rated measures and a time-lagged data collection design has been used for data collection. Based on a convenience sample of 408 subordinates who were attached with 142 supervisors from developing country like Pakistan, mediation and moderated-mediation was tested using PROCESS. Results supported the mediating role of OI between LMX and follower citizenship behavior. Moderated mediation analysis confirmed the conditional effect of IWE on the indirect relationship between LMX and citizenship behavior through OI.


Social Identity Theory, Leader-Member Exchange, Islamic Work Ethics, Organizational Identification, Citizenship Behavior.