Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Islamic Banking and Finance: A New Paradigm in International Relations

Abdul Qayyum Khan, Arshad Ali Bhatti
Published Online: June 2018

This paper aims to explore whether Islamic banking and finance could be a means of developing new international relations among Muslim as well as non-Muslim countries. It uses self-administered survey data and employs descriptive and logistic regression for analysis. The key findings show that Islamic banking and finance is indeed a means of building up on new international relations by its integration with the conventional financial system. It does this by promoting education and research, and bringing peace and harmony in and among States by controlling radical elements. Also, it is a means to win friends with cooperation among Muslim nations and others through interfaith dialogue. This is the first empirical study of its kind on the matter in question.


Islamic Banking, Religion, International Relations, Harmony among Nations, Radicalism.