Impact of Advertising Effectiveness on Behavioral Brand Loyalty with Mediating Effect of Self-Brand Connection: Evidence from the Islamic Banking Sector in Pakistan

Ali Raza Nemati, Shahzad Ahmed Khan, Khurram Khan
Published Online: June 2018

This study is aimed at building the relationship between advertisement effectiveness and behavioral brand loyalty by investigating the mediating impact of self-brand connection. The Islamic banking sector has been selected for this study in which, top 3 full-fledged Islamic banks and top 3 banks with Islamic banking branches in Pakistan have been selected through convenient sampling,. It is a time-lagged study and data were collected through reliable and valid questionnaires for T1, T2, and T3, respectively across Pakistan from Islamic Banking Branches (IBBs). The respondents were the costumers using the services of IBBs. The results show that advertisement effectiveness and self-brand connection have a strong positive relationship with the behavioral brand loyalty. Results also indicate that the self-brand connection mediates the relationship between advertisement effectiveness and behavioral brand loyalty. Thus, it indicates that self-brand connection is an important factor that can enable the consumers to evaluate the corporation’s products or services by the expression of behavioral brand loyalty and distinguish them from those offered by the competitors. In addition, a number of implications with regard to theory and managerial practice have been suggested.


Advertising, Self-Brand Connection, Brand Loyalty, Islamic Banking Pakistan.