Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Workplace Behavioral Dynamics in Islam - A Holistic Outlook

Saman Javed
Published Online: December 2017

With cultural diffusion happening all across the globe, multiple fields of study are highly intertwined thereby increasing our understanding about holistic walks of life. This research paper is aimed towards understanding what Islamic norms state regarding organizational behavior and psychology. Numerous studies suggest that religion plays a significant role in what people value, believe and endorse as well as how they live, interact and behave in society. The paper takes into account eight major variables from the field of organizational behavior namely, Workplace Ethics, Motivation, Communication and Social Interaction, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity Management, Human Resource Management Practices, Leadership and Conflict Management. The study draws ample evidence from Qur’ān, ḥadīth and other notable literary contributions to indicate that Islam not only acknowledges the potential impact of the above variables on any organization, but also provides a complete outline for managing the attitudinal and behavioral facets of organizational life in the most effective manner. Paper will assist today’s organizations experiencing increasing religious diversity as well as cultural diffusion in understanding the business norms and principles of world’s second largest religion.


Islam and Organizational Behavior; Islamic leadership; Human Resource Management; Islamic Business Ethics; Islam and Motivation; Communication in Islam.