Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Profit Distribution in the Islamic Banks-Daily Product Basis and Allocation of Weightages

Mohammad Yahya Mujaddidi
Published Online: June 2017

Within the past three decades, the Islamic banking industry has gained cumulative growth momentum given the growing demand for Sharīʿah compliant financial instruments. Islamic banking has now achieved greater recognition as a viable alternative to conventional banking; as depicted by various convincing data including the increasing growth of its deposits globally. The majority of Islamic banks have also benefitted from the profit distribution mechanism that has considerably improved over time. However, amidst this positive growth, there has been growing criticisms on numerous areas of Islamic banking. This includes an important issue on the usage of daily product basis and allocation of weightages for profit distribution in Islamic banks. This study, therefore, aims to examine its compatibility with the principles of Sharīʿah and to weigh the objections in the criticisms against these principles.


Islamic Banks Deposits; Weightages; Daily Product; Profit Distribution.