Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Corporate Social Responsibility in Islamic Banks in Pakistan

Mubbsher Munawar Khan & Muhammad Usman
Published Online: December 2016
DOI: 10.1111/jibm

This study holds two forms of investigation. First is to investigate the disclosure about CSR in vision and/or mission statements and annual reports of the banking companies. Secondly, it investigates CSR as perceived by the managers (middle and higher level) of selected Islamic banks. The study is conducted on five Islamic banks, where perception of managers is investigated through survey questionnaires and banks’ annual reports for five years (2009-13). This study highlights the differences, if any, in the real time investments for CSR as disclosed by the companies in annual reports and the perceived CSR as reported by managers. This study adds value by presenting insights both for existing CSR practices, as apparent from vision and mission statements and annual reports and about CSR perceptions of managers. It also highlights the real time CSR as adopted by Islamic banks and gives direction for future working. It will help the management to overcome the deficiencies existing at either end.


Islamic Banking; Corporate Social Responsibility; Sharī‘ah, Stakeholders’ Perception.