Journal of Islamic Business and Management

The Impact of Spirituality of Managers on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the Mediating Role of Paranoi

Fuwad Bashir & Aisha Akbar
Published Online: December 2016
DOI: 10.1111/jibm

Contrary to psychologists, the spiritualists claim that spirituality is a full fledge domain like psychology itself, rather it might have more vastness. Being the core dimension of humans, spirituality level sets a basis for many attitudes and behaviors in human personality. The principal researcher in this study developed a spirituality based personality assessment tool while pursuing his PhD, grounded mainly upon eastern spiritual philosophy with a special focus on Islamic spirituality orientation. The spirituality level of managers has been measured and its impact gauged upon Paranoia and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). Basic thesis is that the mangers having high spirituality level will have low level of personality disorders and high level of positive work related behaviors. Results from 530 questionnaires were found significant among all variables as shown by the standardized regression results; such as Spirituality with Paranoia was -0.64, with OCB it was 0.15, for Paranoia and OCB it was -0.38. The study might help HR practitioners in selecting, retaining, motivating and promoting employees in a more meaningful way.


Spirituality; Taw╒īd, Paranoia; Organizational Citizenship Behaviour.