Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Islamic Work Ethics (IWE): A Review of Litrature and Directions for Future Research

Muhammad Usman, Khurram Shahzad & Khurram Khan
Published Online: December 2015
DOI: 10.1111/jibm

This paper summarizes and reviews the existing literature on Islamic Work Ethics (IWE) based on 28 empirical papers published in various journals in the last three decades. A multilevel integrated framework of IWE based on existing literature has also been proposed which represents all the citied studies in a single framework. The issues in previous research along with knowledge gaps in IWE related literature have also been identified. Keeping in view the significance of IWE in Muslim societies and the need for quality research on this variable, directions for future studies have also been suggested.


Islamic Work Ethics (IWE); Employee Attitudes; Employee Behaviors.