Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Islam, Eco-literacy and Green Purchase: Evidence from Malaysia

Siti Haslina Md harizan, Mahmod Sabri Haron & Nabsiah A. Wahid
Published online: June 2013
DOI: 10.1111/jibm

This paper discusses the role of green purchase behaviour based on Islamic teachings and examines the influence of eco-literacy on willingness to purchase green products empirically among Muslim consumers in Malaysia. A survey was conducted using self-structured questionnaires on Muslim respondents of above 18 years age, working, and having green purchasing experience, selected at several major electrical outlets within central region of Malaysia. The study relates Islamic teachings with importance of green purchase behaviour, highlighting the significance of knowledge in practice/behaviour based on Islamic view, and providing an empirical investigation on eco-literacy concept in determining willingness to purchase energy-efficient home electrical products among Muslim consumers in Malaysia. The results and the findings implied that awareness of environmental problems and product characteristics had a significant positive influence on willingness to purchase energy-efficient products while awareness of eco-label did not significantly influence willingness to purchase energy-efficient products among Malaysian Muslim consumers. The study calls for improving the understanding on the importance of green purchase behaviour in protecting the environment and the significance of eco-literacy in guiding pro-environmental behaviours based on Islamic teachings. It also provides insights to policy-makers and industry players in planning interventions and promotional campaigns of green products by improving the awareness of environmental. Further research is required on effectiveness of energy-efficient eco-label as a communication tool in promoting energy-efficient home electrical products among Muslim consumers.


Consumer Behaviour; Eco-Literacy; Environment; Ozone Layer Depletion; Green Products; Islam; Purchase.