Exploring the Antecedents of Different Dimensions of Intrapreneurship: The Case of Pakistani Software Industry in Islamic Perspective.

Usman Javed, Muhammad Mavia, Aamer Shareef, Syed Hassan Jamil
Published Online: June 2021

Given the lack of research on the dimensions of employees’ intrapreneurial behaviour, the current research speculates on the effect of spiritual leadership on three dimensions of employees’ intrapreneurialproactiveness, risk-taking, and innovativeness. The study also proposes psychological empowerment as a mediator of these links of spiritual leadership and the dimensions of intrapreneurship. Survey data collected using a time-lagged strategy from 169 software developers working in Pakistan revealed that spiritual leadership positively influences all three dimensions of intrapreneurship. Likewise, psychological empowerment mediates spiritual leadership-proactiveness. However, interestingly, the results revealed that psychological empowerment did not mediate the association of spiritual leadership with risk-taking and the association of spiritual leadership with innovativeness. Thus, we concluded that the dimensions of intrapreneurship can have different nomological networks of predictors and consequences. The study provides managers with important practical implications.


Spiritual Leadership, Risk-Taking, Proactiveness, Innovativeness, Software Industry.