Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility and Patronage of Non-interest Cooperative Societies in North-central, Nigeria

Mustapha Yusuf Ismaila, Yahaya Abdulhameed Ahmed, Abduazeez Sodiq Olamilekan, Olowo Ahmed Abdulganiyu
Published Online: June 2021

Purpose: This study interrogates the extent of implementation of economic and philanthropic dimensions of the Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) concept by Shar¯ı‘ah based cooperative societies with the primary purpose of ascertaining its effect on members’ rate of patronage of non-interest cooperative societies in Nigeria. Methodology: Partial least squares structural equation modelling (PLSSEM) with bootstrap processes were used to analyse the data collected from 210 members of the selected non-interest cooperative societies operating in the North-central region of Nigeria. Findings: The study’s results revealed that h. al¯al products and¯al investments positively affect the members’ patronage rate of non-interest cooperative societies. In addition, it was discovered that Islamic philanthropic responsibility influenced the image/reputations of non-interest cooperative societies. Significance: This study is among the few studies that have examined the effect of corporate social responsibility on members’ patronage from an Islamic perspective. The import of the study stems from the fact that it broadly investigated the extent of implementation out of the six dimensions of corporate social responsibility. Limitations: The main constraints of the study are predicated on the fact that it was conducted in a region of the country and the study’s inability to isolate other factors which might have contributed to members’ patronage of non-interest cooperative societies. Implications: The study’s findings can aid the management of noninterest cooperative societies and other similar institutions in formulating strategic policies and programmes geared towards operating and promoting¯al investment opportunities and supporting the indigent members of the communities through corporate charities/donations. KAUJIE Classification: H4, 166 JEL Classification: M12, M5


Islamic Economic Responsibility, Islamic Philanthropic Responsibility, H. al¯al Products, H. al¯al Investments, Non-interest Cooperative Societies