What Factors Determine the Purchase Intention of H. alal ¯ Products by Porto-Muslim Consumers?

Nasir Ahmad, Susana C. Silva, Paulo Duarte, Fabio S. Sandes
Published Online: June 2021

Purpose: This article aims to identify and discuss the drawbacks faced by Muslim consumers to consume h. al¯al products when living in cities where they are a minority group. For this study, we considered the Muslim population living in Porto, Portugal. This study also aims to understand the attributes of the Muslim consumer that drive the purchase intention of h. al¯al products. Methodology: A survey was carried out to understand the problems and the opportunities of the Muslim Community living in Porto and analyze the drivers that motivate them to buy h.al¯al Products. The sample consisted of 173 valid responses. The research applied the theory of planned behavior as a theoretical framework. Findings: The results of the multiple regression analysis indicate that the subjective norm has a positive and significant influence on the intention to purchase h.al¯al food among Muslims living in Porto. Furthermore, there is evidence of a lack of adequate supply of h. al¯al-certified products in Porto. Significance: There are few studies about the consumption habits of Muslim consumers in cities where they are a minority group, where access to h. al¯al products is limited. This study aims to contribute to this discussion. Limitations: As the objective of this research was to identify and discuss the drawbacks faced by consumers in a minority group, the sample size in this study is small. Therefore, the generalization of the findings is limited. Our results showcase the relevance of subjective norm on purchase intention, even in conditions where the supply of h. al¯al foods is limited. Practical Implication: Our results indicate that the supply of h. al¯al products is limited in Porto, Portugal, and Muslim consumers’ demand for such products is still unmet, allowing companies to invest in targeting this market. KAUJIE Classification: H32, H33 JEL Classification: L08, L26


Purchase Intention, H. al¯al Products, H. al¯al Market, Muslim Community, Muslim Consumer