Exploring the Antecedents of Different Dimensions of Intrapreneurship: The Case of Pakistani Software Industry in Islamic Perspective

Usman Javed, Muhammad Mavia, Aamer Shareef, Syed Hassan Jamil
Published Online: June 2021

Purpose: Given the lack of research on the dimensions of employees’ intrapreneurial behaviour, the current research speculates on the effect of spiritual leadership on three dimensions of employees’ intrapreneurialproactiveness, risk-taking, and innovativeness. The study also proposes psychological empowerment as a mediator of these links of spiritual leadership and the dimensions of intrapreneurship. Methodology: Survey data collected using a time-lagged strategy from 169 software developers working in Pakistan revealed that spiritual leadership positively influences all three dimensions of intrapreneurship. Likewise, psychological empowerment mediates spiritual leadership-proactiveness. Findings: Interestingly, the results revealed that psychological empowerment did not mediate the association of spiritual leadership with risk-taking and the association of spiritual leadership with innovativeness. Thus, we concluded that the dimensions of intrapreneurship can have different nomological networks of predictors and consequences. Significance: For theoretical contribution, this effect is important to study because intrinsic motivation (through psychological empowerment) can be an important predictor for intrapreneurship behaviour. Practical Implications: The study provides managers with important practical implications. KAUJIE Classification: T5, P2 JEL Classification: L08, L26


Spiritual Leadership, Risk-Taking, Proactiveness, Innovativeness, Software Industry