Halal Marketing Practices and Performance of Cooperative Societies in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara state, Nigeria

Mustapha Yusuf Ismaila, Abdulazeez Sodiq Olamilekan, Abdul Falilat Ajoke
Published Online: December 2020

The rise in the number of Muslims who desire to comply with Islamic religion prescriptions had led to the existence of strong demand for halal products which most business firms now try to supply. This research examined halal marketing practices and the performance of cooperative societies in Ilorin metropolis. It uses members’ patronage of halal product offering and loyalty to dynamic product pricing as measures of performance. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted to determine the suitable sample size from the target population and multiple regression analysis was employed as the analytical technique. Finding revealed that halal product offering has a significant influence on members’ patronage of Islamic cooperative societies.


Halal Marketing, Cooperative Societies, Product Offering, Members’ Patronage, Dynamic Pricing