Supervisors’ Dark Triad and Abusive Supervision: Does Islamic Work Ethics Help?

Naeem Ahmed Tahir, Khurram Khan, Sajjad Hussain
Published Online: December 2020

The Dark Triad in the Workplace Research is an under-investigated avenue of research. This conceptual study proposes the supervisors’ dark triad personality as an antecedent to their abusive supervision. The study suggests that the supervisor’s abusive behavior would trigger burnout and counterproductive work behaviors among the employees that are caused by negative personality traits i.e. dark triad. The study further proposes that Islamic Work Ethics may play a critical role to cope up with these negative workplace behaviors due to its nature of a buffering agent. Finally, the study concludes with important implications of Islamic Work Ethics towards new avenues of research in Dark Triad personality and its hazardous effects in the workplace. KAUJIE Classification: H54, M84 JEL Classification: M12, M1, L2


Supervisors’ Dark Triad, Abusive Supervision, Islamic Work Ethic, Burnout, Counterproductive Work