H. alal¯ Marketing Practices and Performance of Cooperative Societies in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria

Mustapha Yusuf Ismaila, Abdulazeez Sodiq Olamilekan, Abdul Falilat Ajoke
Published Online: December 2020

The rise in the number of Muslims who desire to comply with Islamic religion prescriptions had led to the existence of strong demand for h.al¯al products which most business firms now try to supply. This research examined h. al¯al marketing practices and the performance of cooperative societies in Ilorin metropolis. It uses members’ patronage of h.al¯al product offering and loyalty to dynamic product pricing as measures of performance. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted to determine the suitable sample size from the target population and multiple regression analysis was employed as the analytical technique. Finding revealed that h.al¯al product offering has a significant influence on members’ patronage of Islamic cooperative societies. KAUJIE Classification: P1, I45 JEL Classification: I3, M1, M3


H. al¯al Marketing, Cooperative Societies, Product Offering, Members’ Patronage, Dynamic Pricing