Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Taking a Family Takaful Plan: Takaful Agent’s Perspective

Adnan Malik, Gohar Saleem Parvaiz & Zahoor Khan

This article is an illustration of takaful distribution, depicting how a takaful agent makes new clients and the steps it takes to complete the whole process. Initially, a takaful agent visits a potential customer and collects information related to his financial worth, specific needs of takaful coverage and cost affordability. Then, after considering the potential customer’s need and affordability, the agent selects two customized takaful plans to propose to the potential customer who selects one of the plans that best suits his needs. After a formal process and through several stages, the takaful coverage for the client is approved and starts. Multiple parties have played their role in the whole process. Hence, the article discusses the role of takaful company, medical laboratory, actuary, doctor, bank, income tax authorities, courier, etc.


Actuary, Islamic Finance, Takaful, Underwriting, Wakalah-Waqf Model