Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Corporate Ijarah Financing: A Case of an Islamic Commercial Bank

Umar Saeed, Asad Gul & Waqar Hussain

The Islamic banking industry facilitates both consumer and corporate clients by providing needed capital through different modes of financing. The prerequisites of financing the corporate clients are generally different from that of the individual customers. This study discusses a detailed narrative of how a corporate customer, Sufi oil, availed financing from Bank Islami through ijarah mode of financing in a Shari‘ah compliant way. It discusses step by step procedure of dealing with corporate client starting from the first stage when a representative of the firm visited the Bank Islami and discussed the firm needs and the possible procedure and mode of financing. The study provide a comprehensive insight in the internal procedures involved in evaluating each and every client. Different branches and their respective role and responsibilities at the branch level and their interaction with the Head Once have been highlighted. The study has also briefly discussed various risks that may encounter the transaction and the manner in which the perceived risks have been mitigated. The focus of the study is to differentiate the corporate ijarah from the consumer ijarah in terms of both documentation and procedure. The repayment schedule for the case is also described in detail along with the rent that the Bank Islami would be getting by leasing any vehicle to the corporate entity.


Musharakah, Projects Financing, Risks in Musharakah Financing, Islamic Banks