Guidelines to Authors

  1.  The papers submitted to JIBM should make some significant contribution to Islamic economics, business, finance and management, either theoretical or applied, or discuss any business issue from an Islamic perspective.
  2. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. It would also imply that the subject content did not impinge upon, violate or constitute a breach of any intellectual rights of any third party.
  3. The JIBM management shall have non-exclusive rights on the materials published in the JIBM; would be fully authorized to use or distribute the material for the purpose of Indexing / Abstracting, to translate into Urdu, or for any other related purposes; and would have power to enter into any agreement with third parties for distribution of the materials by any means and in any format.
  4. Since JIBM sends all papers for review, two hard copies or a soft editable copy should be submitted in final form for sending anonymously to the reviewers. Authors should give their surface and e-mail addresses and telephone/fax numbers at which they can be contacted.
  5. All papers must include an abstract of no more than 150 words, 6-8 Keywords and JEL classification, if applicable. The length of the article should preferably be between 3000- 10,000 words.
  6. All papers should have an introductory section in which the objectives and methodology of the article are explained and a final section, which summarizes the main points discussed and the conclusions reached.
  7. Detailed derivations of the main mathematical results reported in the text should be submitted separately. These will not be published.
  8. References should be listed at the end of the text in the following style: Articles: El-Gari, Mohamed Ali (2003); Credit Risk in Islamic Banking and Finance; Islamic Economic Studies; Vol. 10, No. 2, (2003); Pp. 1 – 23; Books: Khan, A. R. (1993), Financial Intermediation, New York: Springer Publishers. Page references to works referred to in the text should take the following form: El-Gamal (2006:128).
  9. The verses of the Holy Qur’ān quoted should carry Srah number and ãyah number as (2:275).
  10. Complete reference to the source of A╒ādīth quoted should be given like: Muslim, a╒┘╒, Kitb al …. .
  11. Contributions may be sent in English and should be addressed to the Editor, Journal of Islamic Business and Management, Riphah Centre of Islamic Business (RCIB), Riphah International University (Old Supreme Court, (Al-Meezan) Building), 274, Peshawar road, Rawalpindi; or the e-mail:
  12. Undertaking before sending the paper by the author(s) is mandatory. Please fill undertaking form and send it with your paper.
    For downloading undertaking ckick here.


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