JIBM believe that entire published contribution made by the authors is original. It is core accountability of the contributors to make sure that the order of the authors presented in the manuscript is as per the contribution made by each author. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to provide conflict of interest statement on the behalf of all other contributors of the manuscript.
Changes in authorship
The journal’s editor will entertain the issues relevant to change of authorship; the author may approach the editor through the e-mail address mentioned on the journal’s website. Upon receiving the request for change in authorship, the editor will investigate the grounds provided for change in authorship and will make suitable decision.
‘Ghost,’ ‘guest,’ or ‘gift’ authorship
The editor of the journal has right to take any firm action against unethical practices like ghost, guest, and gift authorship. Ghost author are those who are paid researchers, junior researchers and other external academicians. Guest or gift author are those who make very insignificant or no contribution in the paper. When editor came to know about such unethical practices then author will be removed from the paper.
Article submission
JIBM put all its efforts to ensure that all contribution submitted by the author is respectful dealt by the editors, peer reviewers, and other concerned parties in accordance with JIBM guidelines. It is expected that all contribution met the publishing ethics guidelines of JIBM. In particular case, if it come in the note of editors then JIBM hold right to take different action against author:
• Removal of the specified work.
• Issuance of a modification or statement of concern.
• Restriction on future contribution by same author.
• The author’s institution, seniors or ethics committee may be notify about such practice.
a. Submission/Publication with Multiple Journals
The author guidelines of JIBM clearly states that the submitted papers has not been submitted anywhere else while submitting to JIBM or is under consideration for publication. JIBM maintain all communication with author, reviewers and editors carefully in order to deal with issues like conflict of interest and submission/publication with multiple journals. If redundant publication has proven right then we may cooperate/contact with different publishers and journals if necessary.
b. Ethical Issue of Plagiarism
After receiving the submission from authors, the contribution is subjected to plagiarism check for initial screening of the publication. It is expected that the relevant submission has been made with consent of all authors and the referred work in paper is credible and traceable.
Without permission re-production of script, statistics, and images is recognized as plagiarism and all claims regarding plagiarism will be probed by the JIBM.
c. Defamation
Although we believe on freedom of expression but JIBM avoid to considered any contribution based upon claims on individuals, and any organizations until it has come to true. We make our best efforts to ensure that the published work is free from defamatory, malicious, or offensive.

Conflict of interest
JIBM ensure that there is no conflict of interest among the authors over published/submitted work. Our journals and editors properly review and update the policies regarding conflict of interest.
a. Authors
The author(s) clearly states that the following information in the manuscript or during the submission process where applicable.
• If particular research project is backed by the funding agency/organization, then the author should disclose the information.
• Disclose the role of funding agency/organization if any in the data analysis or any else.
• Any financial and non-financial issues and associations that are seen as having the tendency of affecting the results explanation or editors, reviewers, or readers might desire to be aware of. This information can include “patent or stock ownership, membership on the board of directors” of a company, “membership of an advisory board or committee for a company, consultancy for a company”, or “entitlement to the speaker’s fees from a company”.
b. Editors
JIBM required the editors of the journals to declare;
• Competing interests during contract and update their designation annually
• Any conflict of interest rose during editorship before getting into any contract/position
• Editors should not handle such manuscripts for which they might find conflicts of interest arising from their side and reduce the chances of probable conflicts of interest via assigning the reviewers or handling editors.
c. Referees
Editors or the journal administrators should keep possible “conflicts of interest” in mind during assignment of reviewers. Some journals assure through review request that invitation acceptance does not mean that any “financial or competing interest” exists. If a reviewer accepts having possible “conflict of interest”, then another reviewer is considered by editor. If a reviewer fails to mention the conflict of interest, he/she may be removed from the journal database.
a. Editorial independence
Editors encompass entire editorial “independence”. Even though, JIBM and any publishing connections can interact with editors for discussion on strategy, process, and policy, editors have complete discretion to accept or reject manuscripts forwarded for business and political purposes.
We anticipate that JIBM- will formulate clear procedure and policies for the editors or the members of the editorial board for effective handling of contributions so that these submissions are subjected to peer review of the same level.
b. Peer review and confidentially
JIBM does support double-blind peer review process and also persuade journals to “publish their review procedure as element of their submission guidelines”.
JIBM require the handling of manuscript confidentially by both editor and reviewers. In case the reviewer wishes to assign the review or wants to have a colleague's opinion on a particular section of the paper, they are required to discuss it with the editor before moving forward.
c. Ethics of Research
JIBM aims at promoting the highest research standards by its publishing procedures. By ensuring that all the published research is based on “fair and ethical basis”, we prove the importance of research ethics in our work. We consider multiple research areas for publication, most of which have their unique standards and approaches of research governance.
d. Falsification and fabrication
Papers which are submitted having “false or fabricated data” will be forward to Author as soon as possible and an explanation will be solicited. If the author provides no explanation or does it unsatisfactorily, the journal will notify the author's institution, local ethical committee, or superior regarding this misconduct. The journal may restrict on submission of additional manuscript in future for particular time.